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S. Park
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
I make fuzzy things. Mostly plushes these days, but also whatever else I happen to feel like trying my hand at. I am always open for commissions, just drop me an e-mail to (Although I am not currently accepting fursuit commissions.)

You can find more about my work including commissions policies and prices, a larger gallery, and lots of other stuff at my website,

If you've commissioned me, you'll find your project listed on my project list here:…

This is my full time job, not my hobby. So I don't take requests, rarely do trades, don't accept points, don't give away my patterns, etc. I have to pay the rent somehow.

A few more things:

If you say "I want it" I am going to try and sell it to you. :D Selling my stuff is how I make a living. So if you don't want a sales pitch, you might consider using "that's really pretty" as a compliment, rather than "I want".

If you make crude or perverted comments about any of my work, *even* if those comments are about how other people would do perverse things with it, your comments will be removed. I don't want to hear about what you would do, I don't want t hear about how you're the only clean minded one and what everyone *else* would do either. If you're thinking it, *you* are the pervert.

If you make rude comments about my pricing, I'll make snarky replies. See above about this being my full time job. My prices are what they need to be for me to make a (not very good) living at this.

Don't let the above scare you off, I am a very friendly person. I just have a few little pet peeves. :D

Current Residence: Oregon


Box of evil by Bladespark
Box of evil
A few of the plushes I've been making for Bronycon. (A very few, there are a LOT of them, but I've been too busy to take photos.)
Am I the only plush maker that regularly wants to heave the embroidery machine out the window?  I see absolutely everybody using computerized embroidery on their stuff, even the plushes that are herp-a-derp and malformed all seem to have lovely embroidered eyes and such.  Everyone seems to do this just fine, but me?  Ha!  Apparently the machine just hates me!  I have what's supposed to be the easiest, friendliest, most reliable machine ever, a Brother PE770, and the damn thing just... AUGH. 

Today I was doing some Fluttershys.  Two of them, three butterflies per flank, two flanks per pony, 12 butterflies total.  Butterfies 1-10 went without a hitch.  Butterfly #11, for which I did EXACTLY the same steps as all the previous, was a nightmare of tangles and jams and breaking thread and the machine stopping for NO DAMN REASON AT ALL!!!!  And then, when I finally got it done after fighting with it for nearly a fricking hour, butterfly #12 happened without a hitch.  WHAT THE EVER LOVING FRICK, YOU STUPID PIECE OF JUNK, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?  AUGH!!!! it this just me?
Big Chrysalis beanies by Bladespark
Big Chrysalis beanies
These two are going to Bronycon.  One will be for sale normally, and I expect it to sell pretty quick, the other will be auctioned at the booth on Sunday.  (I'm not doing any of the really giant ones on Sunday, as I figure people will be mostly out of money by then.)  

Anyhow, they're about 18" long, with embroidered eyes, made of super soft minky, and stuffed with stuffing and beanie pellets.  

Hoping to have a couple of Lunas in this size to sell, and a Cadance to auction off next to the one, but we'll see what I have time to sew. 
Bat embroidery by Bladespark
Bat embroidery
Another comparison of the new embroidery with the old applique, this time a couple of batponies.  Both of these will be for sale at Bronycon, with the older one slightly discounted. :3
Woo, embroidery! by Bladespark
Woo, embroidery!
Posted this as a kickstarter update a while back, but I might as well put it here, too.

I still occasionally want to throw the embroidery machine out the window (augh! so many ways it can screw things up!) but I'm slowly getting the hang of it, and I have to admit that embroidered cutie marks look WAY sharper than applique ones, as this little picture demonstrates.  On the left is a brand new Luna beanie with an embroidered cutie mark, on the right an older Luna Loonakit with an applique cutie mark.

(I did still applique the black to her butt on the new one, as I'd have to 100% redesign my beanie pattern to let me embroider the black too, and the show has shown us that the black is a natural marking and the moon itself the cutie mark, so I like having the black be minky.  Also on larger Lunas, the area to embroider would be stupidly huge, even for my big machine, so it really wouldn't work.  Anyhow, I like it better this way, and I should probably shut up now.)

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TheFemaleDoctor1073 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
How much do you make commissions for plushies?
Bladespark Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
The price of any particular plush really depends on the details of size, design, etc.  (If you're asking about my actual *income*, I consider that a personal matter and don't name numbers, though it's not a particularly large amount.)
TheFemaleDoctor1073 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
No, I'm asking to buy one in the future. Hmm. A Big enough one to hold? Like about this size?…

I don't have the money right now, btw. But I'd like to save up to buy one :)

I want one done of him

Is there an estimate cost so I could save up?
Bladespark Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Ah.  You'd be looking at $180 for one about a foot long, not counting tail.  Or $240 for a two foot one.  (Also I do take payment plans.  But just FYI my project list is always long, so from when I get a down payment to when a plush is finished runs around 6-9 months, usually.)
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Thanks for the watch!
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