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S. Park
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United States
I make fuzzy things. Mostly plushes these days, but also whatever else I happen to feel like trying my hand at. I am always open for commissions, just drop me an e-mail to (Although I am not currently accepting fursuit commissions.)

You can find more about my work including commissions policies and prices, a larger gallery, and lots of other stuff at my website,

If you've commissioned me, you'll find your project listed on my project list here:…

This is my full time job, not my hobby. So I don't take requests, rarely do trades, don't accept points, don't give away my patterns, etc. I have to pay the rent somehow.

A few more things:

If you say "I want it" I am going to try and sell it to you. :D Selling my stuff is how I make a living. So if you don't want a sales pitch, you might consider using "that's really pretty" as a compliment, rather than "I want".

If you make crude or perverted comments about any of my work, *even* if those comments are about how other people would do perverse things with it, your comments will be removed. I don't want to hear about what you would do, I don't want t hear about how you're the only clean minded one and what everyone *else* would do either. If you're thinking it, *you* are the pervert.

If you make rude comments about my pricing, I'll make snarky replies. See above about this being my full time job. My prices are what they need to be for me to make a (not very good) living at this.

Don't let the above scare you off, I am a very friendly person. I just have a few little pet peeves. :D

Current Residence: Oregon


I *think* I've e-mailed this to everyone, but in case I missed anyone I'm also posting it to all my various art sites.

Hi folks.  Things have been interesting around here lately, in the Chinese curse sense. I had hoped I wouldn't have to send out a message like this, but given what's been going on in my life lately, I think you all should know about it, and how it's going to affect your projects.

The TL:DR is that absolutely everything is going to be late, and I have no way to estimate exactly how late.  Somewhere between two weeks and two months is  likely.  No projects will be abandoned, absolutely everything will be finished eventually, but for anyone who is unhappy with these further delays, I will be quite willing to offer a full refund of whatever funds have been paid so far.

So, the details, for those who want to know why.  Cause one, I got pregnant.  So far that itself hasn't delayed things much, but it means that I scheduled in an entire month (March) when the baby is due with no hard project deadlines, because I figured I wouldn't get much done.  This was fine, but it also set off a bit of a cascade of other events.  Because baby coming meant we needed more room, we started idly looking around at larger homes.  We hadn't planned on actually moving until after she arrived, but we found the perfect place last month, cheaper than we'd expected, and had to jump on it.  So we have just spent the last month moving things.  Between our ordinary household stuff, my work studio, and my husband's office, we have more to move than most people.

I had thought I'd be able to sort of move part time and work part time, but the moving disrupted everything so much that this entire month I've barely gotten any work at all done. 

Another factor is the kickstarter I ran earlier in the year, which was hugely successful, but that success has caused some problems.  I have far more kickstarter plushes to make than I'd originally planned, and haven't gotten as many done by now as I'd hoped, (the embroidery machine being a butt  hasn't helped) which means that fitting these plushes into my schedule will probably put me even further behind.  Also, the excess of plushes to make, coming after Bronycon, where I had to make something like 100 plushes in just two months, just has me stressed and burned out.  I will be completely honest and say that right now just the thought of sewing is depressing, which only slows things further.  So that is also a factor.  (I'm sure pregnancy hormones are not helping there either.) 

Also, because of the gap in March, where nothing is scheduled, anything that was supposed to be done early in the year (Jan-Feb) that runs a little late will end up getting pushed past that gap and run *very* late, so some projects may be particularly delayed.  And after the baby comes I have no clue whatsoever what kind of work schedule I'll be able to keep.  I know she won't suck up 100% of my time, but how much she will need is very much up in the air, this is my first kid.

So the end result is that right now I'm about a month behind because of the move.  I want to really buckle down and get at least partially caught up over the next few weeks, but with the stress, depression, and burnout from how much I've been working lately, I don't know if I'll be able to.  That combined with the upcoming baby means that delays may end up being months long for some projects, but I can't say for sure.  I don't want to promise I'll get caught up and then break that promise.  I also don't want to just say "to heck with it" and assume everything will take months and months longer either, though. I know that will make people unhappy, and making my customers happy is very important to me.  I'll be trying my best to get stuff done as quickly as I can.  I just don't know exactly how quickly that will be.

I know a lot of you have waited patiently for a very long time already, and won't be thrilled at the idea of waiting an unknown amount of time longer.  Unfortunately the situation is what it is, and trying to meet every single deadline may only end up burning me out more and making things even worse in the long run.  So this is the best compromise I can offer you: 

Anybody who doesn't want to wait can get a full refund.  (Probably right now.  Depending on how many people want refunds, I may also have to delay those slightly because of limited funds in my account, but I have enough on hand to refund at least some people right away.)  Those getting giveaway prizes... I'm very sorry, but you'll just have to wait, as there's nothing to refund you.

For those who are willing to wait longer, you have my sincere thanks.  I will try to be as open and transparent as possible with you all about how things are coming, and I do not mind if you want to check in and ask for the status of your project (just not every day, please, I'll just have to repeat myself a lot if you do that.)  

I will not be changing the "ETA" dates on my public project list, because I don't *know* what the new ETAs will be, but I do remove projects from the list as I complete them, so you can get an idea of how things are coming by taking a look at it.  (List is here:… )  As you can see, nothing from October has been finished yet even though the month is nearly over, so yeah, right now things are behind about one month.

If you want to ask about your specific project, feel free, but be aware that right now "I don't know" is likely to be the best answer I can give you.

Thank you all for your support, I do appreciate my customers, you have been (mostly!) wonderful people and I hope that we can get everything worked out and everyone happy despite what a mess I've made of things.
Shiro bead sprite by Bladespark
Shiro bead sprite
This is the biggest sprite I've done yet.  Big enough I actually didn't have enough boards for it, and had to learn a new method that let me make it in parts before ironing it together.  Worked pretty well, though!  It's 19 inches high and 18 inches across, pretty dang big!  (The original pixel art was a 100X100 icon, made by Armaina.…)
Raven dolls are finally here! by Bladespark
Raven dolls are finally here!
Now that Bronycon is over, I can have a life that isn't 100% pony again!  Zomg!

Anyhow, these guys have been in the works forever, and they're finally here.  They match the fennec, unicorn, and dragon ball-pet dolls I've already done.  They're $36 for a blank cast (all the resin pieces, but you need to drill holes, thread elastics, apply magnets, etc. yourself) $46 for a kit (all the pieces and all the things drilled and glued and so on, basically what's shown here, just with blank eyes you'll need to paint yourself) or $60 for a "full set" that includes detailed painting in the colors of your choice.

For these guys the kit is a great choice, since they don't really need paint jobs to look great.  I have five white and five black ravens in stock right now.  First come, first served.

I do still have some of the other dolls in stock, also, if anybody wants to pick one up along with one of these. 
Bronycon stuff #5: Misc. by Bladespark
Bronycon stuff #5: Misc.
Everything else going to Bronycon, including some large beanies, costume tails, and wearable scarf plushes.  (Also a few costume ears are coming, but they didn't make it into any of the photos.)
Bronycon stuff #4: beanies by Bladespark
Bronycon stuff #4: beanies
Buncha small beanies.  I wish I'd had time to make more.  Alas, they are what they are.  Also, a non-beanie Discord snuck into this photo somehow.  :D

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Poizonkitty3 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Professional Traditional Artist
I love your work so much :heart: and I didn't realize you lived so close to where I live either! (Im in washington!)  :D If ever need a commission, Ill need to keep that in mind
Bladespark Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thanks! :3
Alice15535 Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Just for future reference I would like to know how much you think a wolf plush about a foot would be? :3 this is her reference…
Bladespark Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
That'd be $180.  :)
Alice15535 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
For which size? The 16in/40cm?
Bladespark Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
For one about a foot long (not counting tail.)
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Alice15535 Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh never mind I said one foot in sorry I confused myself😅
DragonHeartDevieArt Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Your plushies are very well crafted! I might be interested in purchasing one in the future :)
Do you make the patterns yourself from scratch or do you add to/get ideas from other patterns? 
Bladespark Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
I make them myself.  :3 
Furryforlife17 Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2015
Hi. I was wondering do u have a renamon for sale?
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